Monday, February 28, 2011

My growth


  1. Hi! What do you mean by diluted? Mix with conditioner? Oil? Water?
    I just don't quite understand, sry, and do you rinse it out or leave in? Any drying effects? Do you just apply to scalp area?

  2. I mix with water. Others have mixed it with oils of their choosing. I don't because I have fine hair and any oils will make my hair look greasy. People like to use a variety of things

    You can rinse out but the longer it stays on the better it will preform. I leave in for a day or two then rinse or wash out and reapply.

    I have not had any drying problems in fact it has kinda help my dandruff problem. Application is kinda the same way you would touch the roots up during a coloring part the hair and apply the stuff to the scalp-not the hair. It's not a problem if it's on the hair you just wanna focus on the scalp:)

  3. I started using MN 7, on 19th of August 2011 and you are right I am seeing a lot of growth. I did the braid test and I swear I'm seeing a 1/4 or more of growth, the 27th is my 8 days so I'm going to do a video on the new growth. I'm so glad I ran across your videos.

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the great video. Was on Youtube looking for something else and ran across this, how wonderful! Can I use generic Miconozle Nitrate 2% or does it have to be Monistate 7?

    Love your blog by the way, if you get a chance drop by my blog at

    All the best,


  5. Would this work for someone who is balding? Any results with that?

  6. how long do you leave it in your hair?

  7. How long do you leave it in your hair. Does it have to be washed?

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  9. SIDE Effects...MY daughter is 7 years. So I tried her first..she complain of headache so I use Monistat 3..mixed in hair grease.. She has waist length hair in over 2 months and its thick now

    I've started of course I have diarrhea and headache
    I also had I applied hydrocortisone mixed with it. No more itching. I also use a less diluted strength on my edges. I used a toothbrush to scrub my scrap.
    it has done wonders. My hair was weak thin. I was able to cut all the color and perm out in 2 months. Now I have all natural healthy hair

  10. I started about 10 days ago. I mixed one tube with two drops of lavender oil and one tbs of coconut oil. I apply it night without any side effects. I'm starting to get peach fuzz all over my bald area and the few hairs up there are thicker and longer now.

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