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Welcome to the Q & A page! Hopefully here you can get your commonly asked questions answered. If not shoot me a message and I'll rally up the girls and we will do our best!

Will It Make My Hair Smell? Will Others Notice it?

eh.. it depends on the brand. I find name brand stuff doesn't smell- Generic brand you can smell it, but only if your right up on that persons scalp.

No one will notice, it's absorbed in the scalp and practically disappears.

Can i make up large batches and keep them?
No, It's  not advised as the water may become stale. If you make batches plan to use them within One week.

How do I apply it?

"MN" is mostly found in a cream base which makes some people confused. Application can be done straight from the tube or with an applicator or some sort. I will walk you through both.

STRAIGHT (directly applied on head from tube)

I found for me it worked best while my hair was damp like a few minuets after i got out of the shower. Part hair with comb and apply a small strip to a finger tip(1/2" or less) and follow part line getting it in you part line as much as you can. Don't worry if it gets on your hair shaft!! It goes absorbs so easily it will disappear with some massaging. Do this all over. Thats it. Can be done to dry hair but i found it easier to spread and what not on damp hair.


I used this when I first started doing the whole Monistat thing, some people prefer this some don't.


- pointy bottle (empty and clean hair dye applicator bottle w/pointed tip, picnic ketchup bottle.... any thing with a point )

-Table spoon (for measuring)

-Glass bowl ( for mixing)

My own mixture was equal parts water to Monistat for a small applications. Being a cream base with out mineral oil it mixes really well. Some people like to add oils or other "hair grow magic" too this as well. Mix your Monistat, water,and what ever else in the bowl and mix well. OR you can squirt the whole monistat tube in your applicator bottle and add table spoons of water til you get a texture like a cheap dollar store lotion - it's creamy but watery. Apply to wet or dry hair with applicator bottle an then use you fingertips to massage everything in (you deserve it) 

Which is better 2% or 4% Monistat?

Both work fine. Some seen results faster using the 4% then the standard 2%. No dramatic differences in growth per month wise

How Often Should I Apply It?

2-3 time a week. Some do apply it every day , some every other day. I think every other day is best b/c it not so much over kill with putting it on you head, plus it save product and it last longer.
No finding suggest one way is better then the other, in fact people have only done it once a week and still had semi successful results.

Do I have to use MONISTAT brand or can it be some thing else??

This again is personal choice based on what you like, your budget etc..
I would recommend Monistat for the following reasons:

~ no mineral oil added!! You will NOT have to suffer from greasy head

~ it absorbs easily and mixes with other mediums thoroughly


~price upwards of $13 found at local store (or in bulk on EBAY)

Pharmacy Brand/ Generic walmart/superstore brands i found are high in mineral oil ( look on the ingredients list) which leads to break out if your skin is prone to break out easy ( i am 8< ). They may be cheaper but you also get what you pay for. My hair grow was nothing spectacular when using these products, I mean it grew but no the full amount it could. Again, some people that's all they use and love it and didn't find it greasy.

How Long Will a Tube Last Me??

I went through about 1 tube every month or so it depends on how frequently you apply it

Why am i shedding so much?

Monistat has a "Rogain" effect in order to keep the hair from naturally shedding yo have to keep using the product to keep it in. Massive shedding can be very scary and really annoying. Think about it like this- you naturally shed 100 or so hairs a day you chemically keep those hairs from falling out for a month- that's alot of hairs that are going to break lose when you stop actively applying the chemical

Why is my head itching like crazy?

It would be one of the side effects that will eventually go away. Some folks say it is the pores opening up getting ready for the new hairs to come through.


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  2. I don't believe its massive shedding I think it'd your hair falling out and I refuse to use it anything that cause your head to hurt is dangerous maybe monistat product use is good for cancer patients and alopeacia patients to help stimulate some new hairgrowth but I feel if u have a head full of hair why use it when hair still grow way same rate

  3. How long do you leave cream in hair before washing it?

  4. Do you know if you will have like 4" in like 2 or 3 months?.

  5. can you use the monistat on certain parts of your scalp if you only want growth in that area?

  6. does it have to be monistat 7 or can i use monistat 1?

  7. I started using the monistat mixed with JBCO and wild growth oil, i started on 7/7/12,going 3 days then taking a break, i have seen some results in my bangs for sure, but will need to flat iron my curly hair to really know about the rest of my hair, i got no side effects (headaches etc), I also read that if u slowly ween your scalp off if it, you will not experience shedding, its stopping cold turkey that can cause excessive shedding

  8. How Long do I leave it in once applied? Does it need to be rinsed off after some time?

  9. Do you have to use it forever or else the hair will shed alot?

  10. Ive been using it for 2 months I haven't experiece alot of shedding but one thing I do different is that I use a protein treatments it stops shedding/ breakage..... Imma continue to use it since im gonna put alot of heat on my hair in the winter months

  11. You don't rinse it out it's like a leave in Conditioner...

  12. hey, guys i have read a lot on this and i have finally decided to start! I will take pictures and videos and show my results:) wish me luck!!

  13. Can you mix it with a lot of oils and crushed vitamins?

  14. hi, how do you get monistat 4% or miconazole nitrate 4%? if there is a brand, which monistat should i buy?

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  16. d for me it worked best while my hair was damp like a few minuets after i got out of the shower. Part hair with comb and apply a small strip to a finger tip(1/2" ... ahairregrowth.blogspot.com