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Growing your hair using Monistat (miconazole nitrate)

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Hello there!
Most likely you found this page from TLHC forums.This was originally at Hairgrowth.5u.com but problems caused me to move here.
I decided to create this page after the overwhelming original thread left many 'noobs' asking the same typical question
- How do I apply it?
- What are the side effects?
- Will my hair smell bad and other people notice it?
- Will this help my balding or thinning hair?
These questions have been answered repeatedly but were lost in the pages upon pages ( 180+) of information. For the sake of this page I will mostly be referring to the standard 2% Monistat. Daktarin has also been used as a very successful substitute for those across seas. Monistat 4 has been used with great results but can be expensive.
As with anything you apply to your body, please do thorough research. Wikipedia has very informative health related links for you to view. I hope this page can answer some of those question and help you get an idea of what the buzz is about.

Using Monistat for accelerated hair growth has been the buzz for years in forums, hair loss chats, and medical sites. Several theories have come about in an effort to explain why some experience accelerated growth including:
--It helps kill fungus that inhibits growth on your head
--It is a strange side effect of the drug itself
--It oxygenates the scalp allowing more blood to flow -- hence longer hair faster
No official study has been done but I believe they are in the works. But whatever the cause, thousands of people have caught on and are on the fast track to long hair at a faster rate!!! As an added bonus, users of miconzole nitrate have reported stronger nails that grow lighting quick. I myself can proudly vouch for this one as my nails are long and sturdy (when I don't bite them off of course).


Ok a little background on what Monistat is and what is used for. When you think Monistat your first thought is - Whoaaaa that is used on my &%$* to treat yeast infections. And that is right. Miconazole Nitrate (hereby referred to as "MN") as defined by Wikipedia® "is an imidazole anti fungal agent, and is mainly used externally for the treatment of Athlete's foot, Ringworm and Jock Itch "

Miconazole nitrate is applied directly to the scalp either full strength or diluted with water or oil. Some people apply it directly with their fingers, others use a bottle applicator (a clean hair dye bottle) and mix the MN with water or oil and massage this mixture into their scalp.

Severe Migraine-like headaches have been report lasting for up to 3 day on those with sensitive scalps
Red inflamed areas on application site
Tender and sensitive spots on scalp
Increased shedding that sometimes subsides, sometimes not
Ringing in ears
General "not feeling right"
STOP USE AT ONCE if you have any of these symptoms.
Extreme shedding of hair after stopping use of MN

Some first time users have slight tingling/discomfort but later build a 'tolerance' to it. Headaches are the most common complaint the first few days of application.

Related Threads and Info

 The original thread were I first learned of using "MN" was on thee TLHC forum by a user named "`Aine" which has since been archived after "The Big Crash". I have included the link so current members can read and research. It contains the most Information and debates on the whole topic.

What kinds of results should I expect from using "MN"?

My very own personal results have been very rewarding. I have been using "MN" for over  2 years with my longest back to back time being about 9 months. I gain in the beginning a measured 1 and 1/2 " of growth and later steadied out around 1".

I use this to combat my own personal battle with Dermatitis or Eczema
Some people have not had success and they will be the first to tell you "it didn't work for me". It isn't know why it works for some then other, just the way the ball drops I guess.
Based on research and talking to other successful users the gain is 1/4" a week to 2" a month.
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Thanks for your help!

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