Picture Application Tutorial

This is just a quickie tutorial on how i apply MN directly to my hair line and then Massage in.

1) My tools.. just a comb and a tube

 I like damp hair it's easier for me to part and move around.
2) Part hair in sections

3) Just put a very small amount on any finger you feel is your best

4) As best you can; evenly and thinly spread it up or down the part, which ever way you like. It will look white.

5) It should end up with it looking kinda like this. You can already see that its being absorbed on the scalp parts.

6) Continue to rub in and watch it practically disappear.

Thats it. pretty simple stuff. for the back of my head i use just a bit on my finger tips and massage through not worrying to much if i miss any spots, it will all eventually get on the scalp at one point or another..


  1. how long do you keep it in? do you wash it out after a couple hours?

  2. I leave mine in over night, but others have left it in for as few as 4 hours. The goal is to let it absorb in the scalp and if you wash it to soon after application it washes everything away

  3. Hello! Do you apply directly or mix w/water like you show in your video? Thx!

  4. So if you leave it in for a day, the next day do you shampoo? or CO wash or anything?

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