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Original Thread by `Aine: Using Monistat, Holy Moly...growth so fast it's scary!
This thread first started in August 2007 by a TLHC member `Aine and her hair tip trading story which lead to i belive the most debatable thread ever posted on the fourm.
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Miconazole nitrate hair growth

Posted in original thread by Valkyrie Rose

* this forum has pictures taken by posters that show photo proof of growth


  1. Hiya!
    Been doing this for a little over a week, thanks to you :) I colored my hair last night and all my roots look lighter and I used black! I wonder if the active ingredients contributed? Now I am wondering, once I get my hair to all one color again, will it affect my color later? Have you noticed any change in your hair color?

    Thank you

  2. I personally never noticed a color change to any dyes applied and I have done bleach highlights,demi permanent dyes and regular permanent dyes.

    I do however notice my roots grow faster requiring more maintenance

    Maybe other users would like to give some input on their experience?

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  4. What happens after you quit using this product? Does your hair start to shed or does it remain healthy?

  5. I recently got a very terrible haircut, I asked for layers and wound up with a mullet! It looks completely awful and was doing some desperate research on how to grow it out faster, I'm going to try it out and I will let you know!

    1. Hi Ashley, can you update us with any pictures? I just recently cut my hair to a 1.5 -2in long pixie with shorter areas to spike. I HATE IT. I want my long hair back! So I would like to see what kind of growth you had. Thank you!

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