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"I started using miconazole on AUG. 17. I only applied it to the bald area at the back of my head, and left the rest of my hair to grow at its regular rate. After 4 months, I gained 2" of hair on the top and sides of my hair. At the back where I applied miconazole I had 2 1/4" to 3" of growth. So it appears to have grown faster. I applied 2% CVS brand miconazole 2-3 times a week on dry hair, leaving it overnight."
Picture taken Aug 17,2007

Taken December 24,2007

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  1. Hey SuicidesEve,
    I am a Black female, I've been try to regrow my have for almost a year and the growth is very slow. so i'll try this and send in my before and after pictures.

  2. When I put this on, how long do I leave it on for? do I wash it out?